Intro to Huafeng Magazine

HuaFeng Magazine is a Chinese Cultural Bilingual Magazine at the University of Oregon. It is a non-profit and non-political independent student journalism, branched from the Associated Students of the University of Oregon (ASUO). HuaFeng is dedicated to promoting a deeper understanding of the Chinese culture and philosophy and contributing to theinteractive culture communication across the ocean. The magazine promotes a greater sense of cultural diversity and acceptance by offering a combination of all languages including Chinese and English articles over a broad range of cultural topics to our readers.


Huafeng officially founded in March 2009. The word “Huafeng” is a Chinese Mandarin word. Huafeng means “Chinese Wind and Wave.”



  • Provide a spiritual connection between UO Chinese culture and domestic Chinese literature and art to the University of Oregon and Eugene/Springfield communities.

  • Promote the essence of Chinese culture and philosophy to the University of Oregon and Eugene/Springfield communities.

  • Present both traditional and contemporary Chinese culture and philosophytopics for a better understanding of Chinese culture development andspiritual civilization to the University of Oregon and Eugene/Springfield communities.

  • Create a platform for multilingual literatures and cultural topics to promotea better understanding of culture diversity and tolerance in the University of Oregon and Eugene/Springfield communities.

Reader Profile

Huafeng mainly serves individual with Chinese heritage and people who have interest in Chinese culture and language by providing culture-related literature and art. The magazine’s readership covers all international and domestic students, scholars, and individuals in the University of Oregon and Eugene/Springfield communities who are interested in Asia especially Chinese culture and culture diversity in general.

Publishing Information


With consistent improving contents and designs, Huafeng Magazine has become a recognized name throughout the university and Eugene/ Springfield communities. The magazine is printed in full color on high quality glossy paper. Our advertisers benefit from higher quality advertisements unlike campus newspaper.




Huafeng Magazine is a free quarterly magazine publishing in fall, winter, and spring

academic terms. It is distributed in the University of Oregon and Eugene/ Springfield area.


Average Circulation: 550~600



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